The CML Long Term Asset Management Plan works are well underway; the UCL Barge has arrived and it is anticipated that the sleeving of the marina piles will be starting soon.

The first stage of the planned works to the breakwater are complete with 6 new anchor chains installed along with the cathodic protection and all chain anchor points have been refurbished. Works to the outer wave-screen are also completed; steel stiffening plates were added to the steel columns, the steel structure was descaled of rust and a new protective paint system applied.

The upgrade to the travel lift was also recently completed; this consisted of new electrical control boxes, maintenance to the winch gantry, maintenance painting and replacement of the platform wheels and bearings. CML has also approved the installation of a Denso wrap system to be applied to the tops of the piles that support the travel lift concrete base.

As part of the tender process that CML will be running for the replacement of all the floating berths, Metocean Solutions have been contracted to provide a Marina Design statement that will provide information to potential manufacturers on both weather and oceanographic conditions; this information will ensure that berths are manufactured to meet the specific Chaffers Marina sea and weather conditions.

Marina stakeholders and visitors will see temporary fencing being erected as works are undertaken to the wave-screen, timber deck and piles. This fencing will be temporary in nature and removed once those works are completed.

Any issues, comments or concerns should be directed to the CML General Manager Andrew Welsh, 04 382 9300.